Saturday, October 24, 2009

Reading is fundamental mini-challenge

The challenge is to create a post celebrating the reading child.

I don't have to post of pic of me reading as a child, because there is one over there in the sidebar. I'm reading a storybook called Skipping Along. It had all kinds of short stories and little poems and bright pictures and such. I loved that book and read it so many times. I still own it.

My mom read to me all the time as a child and she took me to the library every Saturday. My favorite books were the Little House series, the Ramona books, the Boxcar Children, Goosebumps, a set of books called Let's Talk About (they were very preachy and condemned the sins of gluttony, bullying, cheating, etc but I loved those books), the Babysitter's Club - basically all the stuff we read as kids. She also read to me from the King James Bible every night and I think I learned an appreciation for its old, lyrical language from falling asleep to it every night. She has told me that she even read to me as a baby - she would read her Harlequin Romance novels to me because she figured I didn't understand whatever it was she was reading - that I just wanted to hear the sound of her voice and she might as well read something enjoyable!

It's so important to read to kids. There is nothing, nothing better you can do for a child. My favorite book on this subject is The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. It makes a great baby shower gift along with some picture books.


  1. i love that pic!

    my mother read the KJV to us daily as well. usually in the afternoons after school. I learned to read by watching her finger point to the word as she said it. i was in third grade before i learned to read unfamiliar words phonetically. i too developed a love for the sound of KJV language that remains with me to this day.

    thanx for participating

    read for joy

  2. I love that you know the title of the book in the picture! I wish I had a picture of me reading as a child. :)