Monday, September 7, 2009

Children's books part 3

Classic Fairy Tales by Scott Gustafson

This is THE BEST book of fairy tales for children, simply because the illustrations inside are so rich. The cover doesn't do the book justice. You have to open the book to appreciate how lush and gorgeous the illustrations really are.

I also like the fairy tales in this book because they aren't watered down. All of the bad things happen that are supposed to happen but things turn out for the best in the end. There is a naive innocence even in the scary parts. The wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood and when rescued by the woodcutter, Little Red Riding Hood jumps out saying, "Oh dear, how frightened I have been! It is so dark inside the wolf."

I like what Jim Trelease has to say about fairy tales. "The fairy tale confirms what the child has been thinking all along - that it is a cold, cruel world out there and it's waiting to eat him alive. Now, if that were all the fairy tale said, it would have died out long ago. But it goes one step further. It addresses itself to the child's sense of courage and adventure. The tale advises the child: Take your courage in hand and go out to meet the world head on."


  1. I also enjoy the classic Fairy Tales.

  2. I also like fairy tales when they are not to watered down, good quote from Jim Trelease. That little red riding hood picture is really awesome.