Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bitsy's Bait & BBQ by Pamela Morsi

I went to the library after work Friday night as I always do and pulled my holds off the shelf and then walked upstairs to peruse the fiction section. The sapphire blue of this book caught my eye and I flipped through it for a minute and then put it down and continued looking. Alofasudden, a voice over the intercom says, "The library will be closing in 5 minutes. All computers will shut down promptly at six p.m. Please gather your books, blahblah." Wha??? It always closes at EIGHT on Friday! This is my Friday THING - filling my bag with new books to arrange and admire and gobble up over the weekend. They changed the hours! Noooo! All is lost! I looked up and saw the panic on everyone else's faces as well. Better get what we can and get to the self-checkout machines because it sounds like they mean business!

So of course I went back to this sapphire gem that I was planning on going back to for a reconsider if no other books spoke to me.

But all is not lost. It's a good book.

Two sisters, Katy and Emma, mistakenly buy a Bait & BBQ shop on Ebay thinking it's a Bed & Breakfast. With no other options, they stick it out and learn how to smoke meat and handle nightcrawlers. They grow to love the little Ozark town and all its quirky inhabitants and all is well until Katy's ex-husband goes after her for full custody of their 5-yr-old son. The ex and his mother show up for the summer so they can collect evidence for the court trial, but they are also forever changed by the town, the people, and Bitsy. Made for a very easy and entertaining story. A++++ would do business with again.

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